The heart of the coffee processing is certainly in the roasting, which remains a somewhat mysterious process, even just considering the many chemical changes that determines. However, its outcome is fortunately known: the effect of heat on the coffee bean is in fact a kind of magic that produces a fragile world of aromas from an inert and elastic green bean.

Home coffee

A fine coffee blend produced by small farmers, roasted with artisan passion and with care for environmental sustainability.

Karangura Peak

Karangura Peak CFA Drugar is part of Closest Connection.


Perù - Chanchamayo - Familia Caballero Quispe.

For years, Caffè River has obtained the Fairtrade Certificate

Caffè River is always looking for the highest possible quality, and for many years has obtained for many products the Organic Certification.

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We firmly believe that every company has a lot of responsibilities toward all its stakeholders: customers, suppliers, collaborators, communities, and the environment.

This excellent Bugisu washed arabica coffee has been cultivated on the dramatic heights of Mount Elgon by 343 families that fight poverty through a better coffee quality.

On the peaks above San Marcos de Tarrazú, Don Minor Esquivel with wife Doña Dilcia and their children Yaindra, Nitzi, and Bryan produce exceptional quality coffees.

Nilton Almeida cultivates Fazenda São Francisco founded by his father on hills of Mogiana. Its coffee is an excellent example of a Brazilian specialty, rich and balanced.

Our direct contacts with producers, especially with smaller ones and with those more that are proud and responsible for the wonderful coffee they produce, allow us to add a superior value to the commercial coffee, but such a high level has to be undoubtedly defined specialty. 

The espresso coffee is, both for tradition but especially for the largest organoleptic spectrum resulting therefrom, prepared with a mixture of different origins. Nevertheless, there are more and more bars that choose to offer one or more single origin coffees along with the coffee blend.

Bar Coffee Blends

The bars that choose Caffè River have made a concrete quality choice to offer to its customers, whatever blend they select.

The espresso coffee beans are almost always made up of different coffee origins, which are selected and blended to create an exquisite and exclusive blend that can take advantage of the unique capabilities of the espresso machine.

Jamao coffee, 100% Arabica, has a full-bodied, intense and persistent aroma, with a nutty aftertaste.

The brand was born in the early 2000s when Caffè River cooperated with Oxfam Italy in a project that helped many small farmers in the Dominican Republic. 

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